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How to Grow Broccoli
How to grow broccoli
Broccoli not only tastes delicious, it has antioxidants that help the body fight off diseases. Growing broccoli in your home garden is also a great way to get the kids to eat their veggies, especially if you include them in the growing process. You would be surprised! {Read More}
Potatoes in the Garden
Grow your own potatoes!
If you’ve ever tasted a fresh potato straight from the garden, you’ll never want to buy them from the grocery store again. When it comes to a “must plant” vegetable in our garden, potatoes always come up at the top of the list. And they’re just plain fun to grow and harvest! {Read More}
The Thing About Swiss Chard
Growing Swiss Chard
Swiss Chard is actually a beet (believe it or not) which has been bred for it’s big, tasty leaves. It’s a very hearty plant that will usually overwinter nicely, so we usually sow plenty in March-April to keep a continual supply for months to come. So why not try growing swiss chard yourself, even for the beauty of the plant alone? {Read More}

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