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Growing Lavender

Growing LavenderPlanting Lavender

Lavender is a herb that should be in every garden. The fragrance alone is worth it’s weight in gold. Plant lavender in a well drained soil. This herb is a treasure because it thrives off of neglect all summer long.


Caring For Lavender

Lavender requires very little water. It prefers to have the soil dry out slightly in-between watering. Like most herbs lavender needs a little trim after it blooms. If your lucky it may bloom again in mid summer.

Harvesting Lavender

To harvest lavender simply cut the long flower stocks off. You may wish to dry them in a bunch upside down or use them in a flower arrangement. Dried lavender has many uses. One of my favorites is the flavor it adds to my homemade dishes.

Lavender Pests

Nematodes, Caterpillars

Lavender Diseases

Root Rot, Leaf Spot

Lavender Varieties

English, Munstead, Spanish, French

Tips For Growing Lavender

To encourage your lavender to produce more flowers trim 2 inches off every fall. You will be amazed at the blooms that await you the following summer.

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