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Scarecrow Sprinklers Scare Unwanted Animals Out Of The Garden

It is February 2013 and if the sun is shining you are most likely down in the garden seed packets in hand.  Your ready to plant cool weather crops that grow like weeds in our Northwest climate.  Hold up, don’t bust open that seed packet yet.  I have a product that will keep you eating your veggies instead of Deer, Rabbits, Racoons, Dogs and Cats destroying all your food.

I Myself have a Contech CRO101 Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler and it has been the best purchase I made for my garden.  Let me first start by saying,  I am an animal lover.  And to complicate things more so are my neighbors.  We all want what is best for them and that means letting them roam free.  I have tried many ways to keep them out of the garden with no avail.   Drum Roll….until now!  The Scarecrow Sprinkler is the watchdog of my garden. It is a humane way of freaking out any animal 24/7 and keeping your vegetable or flower gardens safe.

Here is how the Scarecrow Sprinkler works

The Scarecrow Sprinkler is motion activated and delivers a spray of water in the direction of the unwanted animal or person.  Works wonders if you have a neighbor that’s a squash thief. Trust me when I say it startles everything.  The sprinkler can spray water in a 1000 square foot area.  I placed my Scarecrow in the middle of my garden and it protects the furthest beds with out a problem.

Setting Up the Scarecrow Sprinkler

This is so easy a child can do.  I know, mine was three at the time.  Simply connect any standard hose to the Scarecrow add a 9 volt battery and adjust the settings knob.  Now you are ready to place the stake in the ground turn the water on and wait for your first victim.  I did not have to wait long.  My son was so excited to see our new toy he ran right to it.  The Scarecrow Sprinkler did not disappoint him nor I.  He laughed and played with it for hours.  I guess with that said, I recommend this sprinkler for children as well.

My final thoughts are, if you want to save yourself the disappointment of walking down to the garden ready to harvest, only to find your beds looking like a tossed salad.  Please trust me and purchase this Sprinkler. This links you to amazon for more information.

Happy Planting, Growing and Saving,


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