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Buying Vegetable Seeds- Who Can I Trust?

Choosing The Right Seeds Matters

It’s a seedy world out there and I think most of us gardeners have all run into the same problem.  How do I know the seeds I am buying are not GMO?  Well, I wish I could give you a fool proof answer.  The truth is I cannot!

What I can tell you however,  is that Monsanto owns around 90% of the seed companies.  The reason this is so disturbing to me is they are genetically modifying seeds.  Monsanto is known for their “Roundup Ready” crops.  Basically, the seeds are modified so that roundup can be sprayed to control the weeds and will not kill the crop.  Multiple problems arise from this “New Idea”.  The first one being that now all of the food your eating has roundup on it.  Gross!  The next,  is the damage it causes the seeds.  Now these seeds are sterile.  The seeds can no longer be gathered and saved to plant the following year.  This puts us all at the mercy of Monsanto.

What To Do To Save Your Seeds

I will first say,  I am lucky to have grown up in an area where gardeners and farmers are seed savers.  Many times I have exchanged seeds with other gardeners and know for a fact they are safe.  If you have this option I recommend it.  If not, here are some companies to check out.


Seeds Of Change

Seed Savers Exchange

West Coast Seeds

There is a lot of information online about this topic and some of it is simply not true.  My advice would be to call up the company before you order anything.  Ask some questions it won’t hurt to get all the information you can.

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