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Planting Onion Bulbs In The Northwest

Planting Onions February In The Northwest

Planting Onion BulbsFebruary is a perfect time to plant your onion bulbs. Our northwest climate is usually so mellow we have no need to worry,  and onions are quite hardy even if we do get a mild frost.

The first step is to find a location to plant your onions so they will thrive.  Onions companions are the Cabbage family, Tomatoes, and Carrots.  Keep your onions far away from Beans, Peas and Parsley.  Companion planting is another way of saying all  vegetables  have friends or foes.  And this is not a time to keep your enemy’s closer.   I inter-plant my onions with carrots or broccoli.

Getting Your Compost In The Ground

Compost for Onions

Compost for Onions

Compost is essential to add to your garden bed before planting.  Don’t be stingy either,  remember the onions bulbs are going to need a jump start and I have never heard of a plant overdosing on compost.



Planting Your Bulb Onions

Place your onions pointy tip up and push them into the soil.  However, do not cover the tops.  This is very important!  Onions need the tips exposed for air to circulate, or you could end up with a lot of rotten tops. Plant your onions 4-6 inches apart.  Water them even though the soil is moist.  This will remove any air pockets.

Caring For Your Onions Until Harvest

Onion StartsOnions need to be fertilized every two weeks.  They also need to be kept evenly moist in hot weather.  If they start to dry out they will bolt.  This means they send out a stalk through the center of the onion plant and it will produce a flower.  This is a nightmare!  The onion has decided it is time to go to seed.  Babies onions are on their way!  The onion then stops focusing on growing a bigger bulb and you end up with a shallot size instead,  of the monster bulb you had hoped for.

So get out into the garden and get your onions planted now!

Happy Planting – Corinne



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