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Growing Oregano

Growing OreganoHow To Grow Oregano

Oregano (or Pot Majoram) is a staple in any herb garden, it’s extremely hearty, very easy to grow, low maintenance, and will zest up your Italian dishes in a matter of seconds!

It literally can grow like a weed if you allow it to. We have a plant that has been transferred to 3 different houses, it just keeps growing.

The difference between fresh oregano from the garden and the overpriced bland stuff you find in the grocery store is unparalleled.

Also, if you want to attract bees to your garden, oregano is a sure bet! They go crazy over the purple flowers.

Planting Oregano

You can plant from seed, or simply use a start from a friends garden or nursery. Once planted and established, you should easily have a lifelong supply. If planting from seed, you can start them indoors in pots, 6-8 weeks before last frost. Harden them off and transplant once the threat of a frost has passed. Same goes for directly sowing them into the ground, as long as they won't freeze, you should be just fine.

Caring For Oregano

Oregano requires little care once it's established, especially in the Northwest. They like dry soil, so be sure not to over water. With the Northwest climate, you will rarely find yourself having to water at all. Every spring we mix a tiny bit of organic fertilizer into the soil, but don't overdo it! Pinch the flowers off to prevent them from going to seed and you should have fresh oregano for months!

Harvesting Oregano

You can harvest when the stems (or sprigs) are 5"-6" tall. You can cut sprigs from the base of the plant, or simply pluck leaves at your will. When the plant has died back, cut all of the stems to the ground and wait again until next year!

Oregano Pests


Oregano Diseases

Powdery mildew

Oregano Varieties

Common Oregano, Greek Oregano

Tips For Growing Oregano

Plant oregano near your kitchen if you can, fresh herbs only a few steps away!

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