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Growing Rhubarb

Growing RhubarbPlanting Rhubarb

When planting rhubarb make sure you give it lots of growing space. Plant each section deep enough to bury the buds. Rhubarb is a very heavy feeder and requires good organic matter mixed into the soil.

Caring For Rhubarb

Keep it moderately moist and fertilize with a 5-5-5 once during the growing season. Always cut the flowers off and toss them they serve no purpose. Who could ask for an easier plant to care for!

Harvesting RhubarbHarvesting Rhubarb

Well your first and second years are going to be disappointing. Harvest only 1-2 stems (If you even have that many). The good news is however the third year and so on you can eat as much rhubarb as you can handle. Never cut more than 50% of the plant. Rhubarbs prime flavor is late spring.

Rhubarb Pests

Leafhoppers, Rhubarb Curculios

Rhubarb Diseases

Crown Rot, Leafspots

Rhubarb Varieties

Crimson, Strawberry

Tips For Growing Rhubarb

Never eat the leaves, they are poisonous. If you already have, call poison control quick.

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