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Growing Strawberries

Growing StrawberriesHow To Grow Strawberries

Choosing the right strawberry plant is easy. June-Bearing only produce once in June and the shows over. Everbearing however produce in June and also again late in August. How much do you like strawberries?

Planting StrawberriesPlanting Strawberries

Space plants 1 1/2 feet apart because the runners will fill in the remaining space. Make sure the crown of the plant is slightly above ground level.

Caring For Strawberries

Strawberries require a moderate amount of water, especially when they are bearing. Mulch with organic matter to retain moisture. Fertilize with a 5-5-5 early in spring and again in mid summer.  

Planting StrawberriesHarvesting Strawberries

When your berries turn that beautiful ruby red they are ready to be eaten. Enjoy the fruits of your harvest.

Strawberries Pests

Tarnished Plant Bugs, Slugs, Snails

Strawberries Diseases

Leaf Spot, Leaf Blight

Strawberries Varieties

Tri-star, Quinault, Seascape: Everbearing Rainier, Benton: June-Bearing

Tips For Growing Strawberries

Remove runners to send energy back to the mother plant. This will produce larger berries. Do not pick the white flowers those will turn into your strawberries soon.

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