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Buying Vegetable Seeds- Who Can I Trust?

Choosing The Right Seeds Matters It’s a seedy world out there and I think most of us gardeners have all run into the same problem.  How do I know the seeds I am buying are not GMO?  Well, I wish I could give you a fool proof answer.  The truth is I cannot! What I […]

Seattle Hosts-The Northwest Flower & Garden Show Feburary 2013

The Northwest Flower & Garden Show 2013 The Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle Washington is worth going to see and experience.  Whether you are a master gardener or a amateur there is something for everyone.  Even your children will enjoy the theme this year.   This is the 25th year of the Northwest […]

Planting Onion Bulbs In The Northwest

Planting Onions February In The Northwest February is a perfect time to plant your onion bulbs. Our northwest climate is usually so mellow we have no need to worry,  and onions are quite hardy even if we do get a mild frost. The first step is to find a location to plant your onions so […]

Edible Wild Plants In The Pacific Northwest

 Edible Wild Plants In The Pacific Northwest The Pacific Northwest has an abundance of wild edible plants.  If you know what your looking for it can be a great source of food while you wait for your garden to grow. Or just something to munch on while you walk down the trail. I wanted to […]

Scarecrow Sprinklers Scare Unwanted Animals Out Of The Garden

It is February 2013 and if the sun is shining you are most likely down in the garden seed packets in hand.  Your ready to plant cool weather crops that grow like weeds in our Northwest climate.  Hold up, don’t bust open that seed packet yet.  I have a product that will keep you eating […]

Raising Chickens In The Northwest

  Raising Chickens In The Northwest Here….Chick, Chick, Chick.  If you have a garden and don’t have chickens yet this is a post you need to read.  We have been raising chickens for over ten years and I can tell you it was one of the best decisions we made.  Not only do you get […]

Getting Your Garden Ready For Spring!

Spring in the Pacific Northwest is my favorite time of year.  I can hardly wait to get out in the garden and smell the dirt.  It may sound odd to some but, the die hard gardeners know what I mean.   All winter long we stare longingly out the window, counting down the days when […]

Pacific Northwest Fruit Trees In Bloom

I just walked out to the garden today and noticed my fruit trees in bloom! It was like it happened overnight.  This is always a sign that warmer weather is coming and not a moment too soon.  For years without realizing it I had been neglecting my fruit trees, and the poor things were starving.  […]

Vegetable Seedlings in Spring!

Spring is here, and I am so excited to finally see my seedlings emerging from the soil, I worked so hard to prepare.  Every spring I spend hours getting my raised gardening beds ready for a new garden season. This year however, I was more ahead then usual.  In the fall after pulling out the […]

Earthworms In The Garden

Earthworms Our Honored Guests!!! Earthworms can tell you a lot about your garden soil. If you have an abundance of these wiggly creatures your soil is in great shape but, if not it is time to throw a party with organic matter in the menu. To ensure your garden party is well attended there are […]

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