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Earthworms In The Garden

Earthworms Our Honored Guests!!!

Earthworms can tell you a lot about your garden soil. If you have an abundance of these wiggly creatures your soil is in great shape but, if not it is time to throw a party with organic matter in the menu. To ensure your garden party is well attended there are a few ingredients that are sure to make the party continues for months.

  • What to serve: Food scraps, and grass clippings. Worms need a good source of nitrogen rich food to stick around and enjoy the fun.
  • To Drink: Water. I know it sounds lame, but drunk worms won’t work hard.
  • Bedding (The love nest): Newspaper, Straw or Fallen Leaves. After all our goal is reproduction.
To encourage your earthworms to mingle scatter the food around in the bedding. This will motivate them to aerate the soil and hopefully find Mr. Right in the process.
Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:
  • VIP Worm Party: This is better known as a worm bin. Worms are placed into a container with drainage holes bedding and food scraps. The idea is to keep predators from eating all of your precious guests.
  • Found a Flier Worm Party: Compost piles are a come one and all. Literally you do nothing and they will attend.
  • House Party Worm Style: This method requires digging deep holes directly into your garden beds and burying food scraps. As the food decomposes the party grows.
Earthworms are essential to the over all health of your garden and if you do right by them, the rewards are plenty. So get out in your garden and throw the biggest bash you can and watch the worms roll in.


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